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Our Charity was founded by Sarah Pattinson (1966-2023) . Please follow the link to see the announcement, click here.

1st June 2024 – Leyla Ibrahim completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in under 12 hours. Leyla was accompanied by Andy and Bailey, her faithful dog. Leyla managed to get in 62,000 steps in completing this mammoth challenge which was in memory of her mum, someone who believed in supporting local charities.
So far Leyla has raised £1,020 which far exceeds her target and its not too late to make a donation. Just follow the link to her JustGiving page click here.
Well done to Leyla, Andy and Bailey, enjoy a well earned rest.

26th May 2024 – Olivia Hester ran the Half Marathon in Manchester in memory of Sarah. Well done to Olivia for completing the course in just over 2 hours and in doing so raising £450 to date. If you haven’t sponsored Olivia it’s not too late. Follow the link to the Givey page and make your contribution click here

12th May 2024 – Scott Gooding ran the Rob Burrow Marathon for Pink Events in memory of Sarah who started the charity. Scott put in a fantastic effort today beating last years time by 30 minutes finishing in 3 hours 56 minutes. The whole Pink Events family would like to thank Scott for his efforts which, to date, have raised £1104. If you haven’t sponsored Scott it’s not too late. Follow the link to his JustGiving page and make your contribution click here.

Scott at 6.5 miles
In Otley just over half way round
At 23 miles heading towards the finish

Thank you to Scott and all who have sponsored him and finally a huge well done to everyone who took part in this fabulous event.

5th May 2024 – Lucy-Jayne and Rachael found it tough going on the ‘Dandelions at Dawn’ run at Temple Newsham on a very warm and sunny morning today. “No amount of training prepares you for the hills and the heat” was the quote of the day from the duo. Both were supported by family waiting to cheer them over the finishing line where the medals were presented.Rachael & Lucy-Jayne

The pair have, at current count, raised over £2000 when we add the gift aid from pledges made on the Givey page. The final total will be announced once all the donations are in and counted. A big thank you to Lucy-Jayne and Rachael for their efforts. Have a well deserved rest over the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.

If you haven’t donated yet, it’s not too late. Click on the link to go to the Givey page click here

March 2024 – Pink Events were awarded Cancer Research’s Flame of Hope award for a second time. We first received the award in 2017 and are proud to be recognised again by Cancer Research UK, something which very few have ever achieved and so it is a great honour.

“On the 8th March Pink Events received the Flame Of Hope award from Cancer Research UK. The award is given to those who show an outstanding dedication to the cause. It’s great to receive the recognition for the work we do, having raised nearly £400,000 as a charity and passing our £100,000 milestone for Cancer Research in 2023.
I’m so proud of our family charity started by my amazing Auntie Sarah who would be so proud of this achievement, this award is dedicated to her and I know that she will be so proud of the legacy she gave to us.
Thank you to all our supporters and fundraisers, you’re vital to the work we do and all your efforts are appreciated beyond words, without you we wouldn’t be able to provide money to the causes that rely on us so heavily
James O’Rourke
Chair of Pink Events.
L to R – Lucy-Jayne, Steven, Mitchell & James at the award ceremony.

March 2024 – Pink Events have received a brief report from the Clinical Research Fellow, Ritika Rampal, who we have been sponsoring over the last two years. The summary report is as follows:
“My research focused on trying to manipulate a molecule (Mucin17) which is found in higher quantities in certain poor prognosis breast cancer cells. This molecule has shown to decrease the effectiveness of chemotherapy in these breast cancer types. My main aim for this project was to try to block the action of this molecule, so the breast cancer cells got more sensitive to chemotherapy treatment.

I have been using two different drugs, called talniflumate or GO-203, to block Mucin17. I’ve been testing these in combination with the chemotherapy agent epirubicin on two lines of cells growing in the laboratory that represent two different types of breast cancer, the triple negative breast cancers, and the estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cells. My results show that my new drugs decrease the amount of this molecule on breast cancer cells, and that using these drugs in combination with chemotherapy leads to an increased killing of cancer cells as compared to chemotherapy alone.

This combination also looked much more promising in the triple negative breast cancer cells, and it is this cancer type that often has the worst outcomes and most needs improved therapies. This means that with future research we can potentially decrease the amount of chemotherapy required for triple negative breast cancer patients, while killing as many cancer cells, but decreasing the overall side-effects for these patients.”

We would like to thank Ritika for her hard work and for keeping us informed, in lay terms, of the results of the work. Pink Events have now agreed with the Breast Care Unit to fund a further two year research project, the details of which are being worked on now. This confirms Pink Events commitment to finding ways to improve the outcomes of treatment for Breast Cancer patients.

Breast Cancer Charity