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June 2022

For all the good the NHS provides it does not have endless resources. Sometimes treatments of breast cancer can result in patients developing heart related illnesses. In those instances, future treatment can be hampered because of their high risk of causing more damage to the heart.  Thankfully these instances are not common. But when it does happen and you have limited options in the treatment department you may find yourself expecting the NHS to provide a solution. There may be available alternative options for treatment but because they are not routinely offered, their cost is comparatively high. In my case the cost was very high and the NHS could not authorise its use on me. The pharmaceutical company would not provide it any cheaper to me directly or to the NHS.  My private health would allow me 1 year of targeted treatment, which I accepted and that year has now expired…

Breast Cancer is not the only illness which has its complications and cost implicated treatment limitations. There are other cancers where for some reason conventional treatment is unsuitable and the alternative is unaffordable for the NHS. 

Harris & Trotter Clients Charitable Trust Cancer Fund may be able to help cancer patients who’s treatments will not be funded by the NHS. Pink Events are proud to support Harris & Trotter who have made a difference for people with cancers who need available drugs which the NHS are unable to pay for.

Thank you for reading and your continued support