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30th October 2019

A friend of Pink Events called Janette Hughes organised a ‘Pink’ day at work and raised £150. Most staff came to work wearing pink and enjoyed the various pink themed activities that were on offer. There were pink goodies, pink balloons and bunting and a raffle.
Thank you to Janette and her colleagues.

20th October 2019

A big thank you to Niamh Murray who ran the Yorkshire Marathon in York and donated the sponsorship to Pink Events. Niamh managed to raise £1,475 which is a fantastic effort. Well done Niamh.

5th September 2019

Good morning and thank you for following Pink Events.

We have tried to contact as many people as we possibly can this week, however we could not reach everyone! Kimberley is in hospital today for her operation and we all wish her well and hope it goes well.

Kim was diagnosed with a new breast cancer last week at the Leeds Breast Care Unit at St James’s Hospital. We are very grateful to them for their quick action. Kim’s treatment will extend through to next year and so for this reason the family have decided to cancel future Pink Events this year so that we can support Kim, Jools, Georgia and James. We hope you understand our decision and we do apologise for any inconvenience caused. Full refunds will be issued (we thank you for your patience).

We will continue to post our monthly reminders on the Facebook page – thank you all for sharing these and getting the message across.

Kim is very grateful for all the messages she has received and wishes to communicate this to everyone.

We would like to thank everyone involved with our events, the venues, the entertainers, the speakers and the volunteers for their understanding – they have been brilliant!

Cancelled Events 2019
Pink Ball Emerald Stadium 19th October
Wine Tasting 22nd November
Afternoon Tea 7th December

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