Contribution to specialist X-ray equipment

Pink Events Donate £10,000 towards purchase of specialist x-ray equipment for the Leeds Breast Clinic. (December 2010)

Continuing the relationship with the Leeds Breast Clinic at the LGI the committee have been able to contribute towards the costs of purchasing specialist x-ray equipment to be used in the operating theatres. When a tumor is removed in a lumpectomy, the most common form of breast cancer surgery, the surgeon needs to remove the tumor as well as some of the surrounding tissue. To ensure an acceptable degree of surrounding tissue the tumor is x-rayed to view this ‘clear margin’. Normally the sample has to be rushed to the x-ray department where the technician has to break off and produce the films for the surgeon. These films are then viewed by the surgeon to determine if the work is complete. If there is any doubt and a second x-ray is required the patient is kept under anaesthesia for a longer period of time.

The specialist x-ray equipment is intended to be used directly in the operating theatre where the surgeon can immediately view the results and if required take a second x-ray without the delays that have been previously described. This will mean that the patient will have less time under anaesthetic and the surgeon will be able to have sure knowledge that the proceedure is completed.

The equipment outlined is expected to cost in the region of £50,000 and the contribution of £10,000 will go a long way to making this a reality.