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Febuary 2021

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Febuary 2021

Pink Events is funding much needed research

Pink Events are pleased that we have been asked by St James’s Hospital to fund the equipment and consumables for this research project which will last two years at a cost of £20k, after which time, the scientific findings will be published and delivered to high profile international and national scientific conferences.

Translational research is a type of research where discoveries made in the laboratory are transferred to the clinic setting. Many successful breast cancer treatments have been developed as a result of translation research, including Tamoxifen and Herceptin and these drugs have improved the outcome for patients.
However there is a subgroup of patients for whom these drugsare ineffective. For these patients with “triple negative” cancers there is an urgent need to investigate a way in which a particular molecular pathway can be targeted to improve response to chemotherapy and therefore patient survival. In addition, to give the patient smaller chemotherapy doses and reduce the side effects.
Leeds have proven expertise in breast cancer translational research, especially in the identification of cancer biomarkers and targetting molecular pathways which can be exploited to improve response to chemotherapy. Leeds has an excellent record of collaboration between scientists, surgeons, pathologists and oncologists.
Through their research they have identified a molecule which can be manipulated to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy.
However, further research is required to study how this can be used in triple negative breast cancer patients where the cancer has spread. The Laboratory work will be carried out by a breast surgeon in training who has previous lab experience during her BA at Cambridge University. Although currently based in Manchester she has chosen to carry out her MD in Leeds given thta very few UK breast surgery units offer such research opportunities.
If you would like to make a donation to Pink Events and help fund this valuable research project then please follow the link to our Givey donations page. If you are a UK tax payer, please consider donating with Gift Aid as we can then claim back the income tax on your donation which means that for every £5 you give we can claim back an additional £1 from HMRC turning your £5 into £6.
Thank you all for your generosity.